Axolotl, 2019
voice, recorders, tape & objects

Tania Rubio is a composer and transdisciplinary artist born in Mexico City, in 1987. She received a masters degree in Musical Creation, New Technologies and Traditional Arts in the National University of February Three, and the Specialization in Objects Theater, Interactivity and New Media in the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the support of the program Studies abroad 2015-2017 of FONCA-CONACYT.  She graduated with an honorific mention from National School of Music UNAM in 2014. She works with transdisciplinary creation, soundscape, field recordings and sound objects theater. She won a national award and different scholarships for artistic creation and research projects. Her work has been presented in Mexico, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, France, Spain and England. Her research work is focused on transdisciplinarity, decoloniality, interculturality, soundscape and field recording. She has presented workshops and conferences in international congress and universities in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brasil.


Lo furioso, lo verdaderamente animal que me sostiene, 
esto de grito ahorcado como un aullido en la garganta...

version for duo (voice & recorders), 2019

version for
trio (voice & recorders, trio (voice, recorders and tape), 2019

version for duo

version for trio



Fugato 404 not found, 2018, voice, recorder and tape


el llamado, 2019, voice and recorders

Mariana Villanueva (Mexico City, 1964). Music as a highly spiritual activity is the core of Mariana Villanueva´s music, through which she tries to reach the very depths of her inner world in search of an ancestral knowledge of a universal nature. Such a treasure can be revealed trough dreams, symbols, myths and art. The way to a transcendent world trough the music is the path of this composer. Villanueva has received the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Award (1999); The MEXICO/ USA Rockefeller, FONCA/ BANCOMER Prize (1995); and some other rewards form FONCA (1993) (1997) and Carnegie Mellon University. She has been written works for the Carnegie Mellon Trio (1993), The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (1996); and The Ensamble Cosmopolitano of Berlín (2002) among others. She also has collaborated for the Carnegie Mellon Drama Department under the direction of Rina Yerushalmi (La casa de Bernarda Alba, 1990) and Yossy Israeli (Antigone, 1991), and in Mexico for The Ballet del Teatro del Espacio with Gladiola Orozco (El Gran Viaje, 1997). Villanueva began her musical studies at National Conservatory in México City, and continued her preparation at Carnegie Mellon University, under Leonardo Balada´s trend, where she received her Bachelors (1992) and Masters (1995) degrees in Music Composition. Since 1987, her works have been performed in Mexico, and occasionally in The United States (New York, New Mexico, Indiana, and Pittsburgh) by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Carnegie Mellon Trio, and The New Mexico String Quartet among others. In Europe her music has been heard in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. As a complement for her creative search, Mariana completed a PH. Degree in Music History (Mexico City, UAM-I, 2004) in relation with the life and works of the Spanish-Cuban composer Julián Orbón. Since then, she has worked as an external researcher for the UNAM. From 2012 to 2014 she helped to organize and participate in a multidisciplinary project related with music, symbol and myth, which has lead to two international Colloquies and diverse didactic concerts where musical creation, symbol an myth interact. (UNAM/ PAPIIT IT 400 212). From 2012 until 2014   formed a contemporary ensemble that helped to spread out  the works of  classics of twentieth century music  around Morelos. Currently she teaches music composition at he Centro  Morelense de las Artes in Cuernavaca.


Fear, 2019, for voice, recorders


Bright, 2019, voice and recorder


Pilgrimage, 2019, voice and recorder